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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Here Are Some Basic Stoner Tips Everyone Should Know About

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These are just some random tips i threw together in no particular order I'm sure 90% of you know mostly everything on here but who knows you might learn something.
  • Invest in a grinder - Trust me guys, if your new to smoking weed and are still breaking it up with your hands, a grinder will make your life a whole lost easier plus in the end you will get a lot more herb out of it because when you break it up with your hands you just don't get it as fine as you would in a metal grinder. Don't get me wrong if you get that customgrow420 chronic then breaking it up with your hands might even be a better bake.
    Glass Nasa Bong
  • Glass Now this will be a little more controversial because i know a lot of you like your joints and blunts and i have met many many stoners who refuse to use glass and i have met a lot who will only use glass and so on. I think any stoner should have at least 1 glass piece around even if it is a little glass spoon bowl sometimes joints/blunts take a lot more weed that a simple bowl pack, i have put .2g in a bowl and gotten baked and i have put in 1g in a blunt and got just as baked so it is way more efficient. You don't have to go out there and get a scientific glass bong.
  • Know the quality of weed your smoking Okay so even if your a beginner i highly suggest you inform yourself on what good weed looks like and what bad weed looks like. You can be a first timer and i have seen many many friends come to me saying they just got some weed and wanted to smoke and they pull out some straight Reggie and say they paid 50$ for an eighth... If your buying off the streets make sure you get what YOU want i have met tons of people who prefer Reggie over the Cali chronic and i have met people who ONLY smoke the loud and so on so just make sure you get what you want and don't over pay.
  • Scales Okay another controversial thing and I'm not necessarily saying you should get a scale because sometimes its not even necessary however if you are in a illegal state and you are buying from anyone really and especially if your a first time buyer its always nice to have a scale or make sure they have a scale and weight it out because i cant tell you how many times i have been shorted .5 even so much as 2g once... Also when using a scale make sure you calibrate it first. What i do is i get a nickle put it on the scale let it sit there for a sec and do that a few times and make sure it weights out as 5g so you know it is accurate.
  • BE AWARE OF YOUR USAGE This is going to be a longer one, now I'm sure when MOST of us started smoking we all thought to ourselves oh this will only be a once in a very great while thing or ill only smoke when I'm with friends and that's how i was at first. After the first month of maybe smoking once a week i realised i wanted to do it more and by myself. 
  • Cannabis can be great, wonderful, but it can also be abused I know MANY MANY stoners who has to have cannabis every single day, and multiple times a day. There is a point where it can control your life there will come a time where you feel like you need it just like you need a cigarette if your a cig smoker, and that can be a bitch, honestly. I remember when i was 16 i was ONLY motivated to get a job simply to give me money to buy more weed and just be that, no intention to save up nothing and this is where weed can control your life if you feel like you need it then what you really need is to take a break.
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