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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

top 10 albums to blaze too

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I think music should be listened to in albums instead of songs. It's like reading a whole book instead of just chapters and its how the musician intended it to be listened to. I am therefore going to post my top 10 albums to listen to while smoking.
10.One Nation Under a Groove-Funkadelic This album is psychedelic, funky, and rocking all at the same time. Although it was in close contention with a couple other albums for making this list it stands out because of tracks like "Cholly", "Grooveallegiance", and the title track.
9.Black Sunday-Cypress Hill This is a classic stoner album and I love it. It starts with "I Want to Get High" and the intensity in lyrics and great beats don't stop until the end.
8.The Doors-The Doors The Door's first album is IMO their best. Innovative synth lines that will take you for a ride, great guitar and Jim Morrison's lyrics make this album a stoner's dream from start to finish. Highlights are "Light my Fire" "Soul Kitchen" and "Break on through"
7.Classics-Ratatat When I first heard this album I was blown away. There are no lyrics but yet this album is lush with electric spacey guitar grooves. There are groovy jams like "Kennedy", more chill ones like "Tacobel cannon" and jams like "Loud Pipes". Everything you could want in a great album.
6.Taking up Your Precious Time-Pretty Lights I would say that this is PL's most chill album but also my favorite to smoke to. From start to finish you can get lost in every song. "Finally Moving" "Summer's Thirst" and "Samso" really give a good feel for the ambient jams on this album.
5.A Place Behind the Moon-Big Gigantic If you couldn't tell yet I like ambient/groovy albums and this one is one of the best. Big G does a great job of mixing sax with synth and every song on this album is awesome. My favorites are "Lucid Dreams" and "High and Rising"
4.Man on The Moon-Kid Cudi I've seen ents talk about this album a 1000 times and it should be talked about for a reason. I remember when this first came out, I hadn't really heard anything like it. Cudi does an amazing job of mixing rap with electronic beats (with artists like Ratatat) and that is where this album shines.
3.Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd Another classic, but I couldn't pass it up. As far as I'm concerned this might be one of the greatest complete albums of all time. Every song flows into the next one, and the best part of the album is the flow. It is a shame not to listen to this album in order, straight through. The songs are so deep I can't even go into a track by track review.
2.) Are You Experienced-Jimi Hendrix Experience This album really is an experience. Sure there are classics like "Purple Haze" or "Hey Joe" but those aren't what make this album great to listen to while high. Listen to "Third Stone from the Sun" the title track, or "I Don't Live Today" to see the true genius of Hendrix. Again theres not a song on this album that I would skip...light up a bowl and go on a psychedelic journey back in time.
]1.40 Oz to Freedom-Sublime First I will admit that this is not the best album on this list as far as musicality and technique are concerned, but this is a list of best albums to smoke to and Sublime takes the cake. When listening to this album you feel the sunny vibes of the beach, you want to dance in your chair. Songs like "Badfish" "Let's Go Get Stoned" and "Don't Push" just can't be beat, and honestly from the first track to the last there is not one song that I don't love. So smoke two joints, sit back, and soak in the warmth of the LBC
PS. Just want to throw in some honorable mentions because there are just so many good albums and people are reminding me of some awesome albums. In no order: Gorillaz-Gorillaz, Midnight Marauders-ATCQ, Shrines-Purity Ring, Closer to the Sun-Slightly Stoopid Metaphorical Music-Nujabes The Sunlandic Twins-Of Montreal Psychic Chasms-Neon Indian
Just want to say that its super hard to pick only 10 albums and that this is in no way an objective list of "the best" just my personal favorite's while blazing. I like every type of music and I know some very popular artists aren't on this list that I love (beatles, kendrick, sleep, led zep, radiohead etc.) Mad love to all those artists as well they just didn't make the list for one reason or another. Thinking about it again I probably should've done a top 10 for every genre but hey I was high :p


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