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Monday, 9 November 2015

Picture guide to weed amounts and quality.

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DISCLAIMER: Sizes may vary because of water weight/density/stems etc.
all the links are pictures lol
Grams- This is your standard gram, otherwise known as a dimebag. Grams are the bags that piss your dealer off when you always buy them. Good for a 2-3 person blunt. Average prices run $10-$20. Anything above that, your'e getting ripped off.
Eighths- ** -This is your standard 1/8 otherwise known as an eighth, slice, or cut. This amount of weed is more commonly bought than grams but your dealer would probably not drive to you to sell it. Good for 2-4 people lasting about a weekend rolling gram blunts. Average price is from $20-$65. Anything over that better be some crazy ass alien dope shit.
Quarters- 7 grams -These are your standard 1/4s otherwise known as a fourth, quad, 2 slices, or a quarter. This may last a daily smoker a week or weekend smokers about a month or 2. This is where dealers usually don't mind driving to someones crib to go sell it to you. Prices average from $70-$120 Anything over is a no-no.
Half Ounces- 14 grams - These are your standard Half ounces otherwise known as a half, 1/2, or half zip. A half O can usually last a daily smoker about a week and a half to 2 weeks. Your dealer has no problem driving to you to go sell it. Prices average $100-$180.
*Ounces- * 28 grams - These are your average Oz's otherwise known as ounce, O, or zip. This will last a daily smoker about 2 weeks-month of smoking and a weekend smoker would need a few friends over for about 3 weeks to finish it. Dealers love selling Oz's and people love buying them. Average prices will run you $200-$450.

This list goes from worst to best quality


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