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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Homemade Wick & Lighter Dispenser

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First off, find an old prescription bottle, with a cap. (Mine is off because I was working on it for later parts when I took it.) Make sure it's tall enough to fit a regular sized lighter, or if you'd like a smaller bottle, you can always use a smaller lighter. 

A lighter for to go inside the dispenser.
Hemp Wick. I have i-Tal Hemp Wick, but any kind will work. You can use any amount for this, just be sure to leave room in there so the hemp wick can easily move around. 
First, start by drilling/carving/removing a large enough hole to fit the lighter in snug. I used a pair of scissors to make the initial hole, and then spun it to make it larger, then used a knife to elongate the hole. Next to the big hole you created for the lighter, create a small hole to fit the wick through. Keep in mind to make sure the hole is snug for the wick so when it is pulled though, it doesn't fall back in. 

Visual for the hole size & fitting a lighter in it

Next, I took a piece of printer paper and folded it in half the long way until the size in the picture. I then taped it to the lighter, and wrapped it tightly around the lighter. This is to create a tight fit for the lighter so it stays put when you strike it, as well as leaving room for the hemp wick at the bottom.  

Fill the bottom of the bottle with the desired amount of hemp wick you'd like to use. You will be able to reload your dispenser when desired, so there is no need to overload it. Make sure a long strand of it is coming out of the top of the bottle.  

Next, feed the wick through the paper on the side of the lighter.

Again, feed the wick through the cap of the bottle. (Note - In this picture, the wick is wrapped around something. DO NOT do this, it didn't work at all, keep your wick free and unwrapped inside the bottle.)

Lastly, put the lighter in side the bottle, then put the cap on. Pull the desired amount of wick out, and you have a completed dispenser! Note - The Entire dispenser is flammable, so it'd be in your best interest when using this to keep the flame away from any contact/nearness to the dispenser. Have fun :)

Fits perfectly in your hand!


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