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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Guide to stealth smoking indoors without getting caught.

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we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we want to toke, but have to hide it.  This guide on stealth smoking should provide a few tips for the secret stoner.

Things You Will Need For Ultimate Stealth
  • A window (will not work otherwise)
  • A Window-Sized Box Fan (example)
  • Smoke Buddy (Amazon or Ebay)
  • Bath towel
  • Ozium (optional) (Amazon or Ebay)
  • A small fan (optional) (any fan with a flat back) (example)
  • Activated-Carbon Filter (optional) (Amazon)
  • Diversion Safes (optional) (Amazon)
Toking Devices
Your toking device is your first level of control. In my opinion, the order of smelliness goes: bong > blunt > joint > bubbler > bowl > vaporizer. If you have the proper ventilation, you can theoretically get away with smoking anything, but always be weary.
Your Setup
The ideal room should be one with a window and lockable door. You do not want anyone walking in on your stealth smoking session, but also need some means of ventilation. However, you will notice that air can still leak out of the room (especially if the wind is blowing towards your open window).
In order to create great ventilation, you should use a fan pointing towards a window. Ideally, you will have a fan that covers the entire open window. Box fans are best, because you can flatten it against the window to create amazing airflow (example).
After you turn the fan on its highest setting, you should test the airflow of your room. You can do this by holding a lighter near any cracks on the side of your room’s doorway (under the door is usually best). You will notice that the flame will pull in the direction air is flowing. If the flame pulls towards you (into the room), you have established airflow. Another way of verifying this is by spraying something smelly outside your door. If you smell the odor inside your room, air is flowing into it. Airflow should be your number one priority, if it is poor, smells will leak outside your door.
Once you establish great airflow, you can toke all you want in that room. I like to place a wet towel at the foot of the door in order to limit possible leaks as much as possible, but, theoretically, any smells you create should flow right out of the window. Even if a person were standing right next to your door, they should not be able to smell anything.
(optional) Just because a room has good ventilation, does not mean there is no smell in the room. Smell will linger for awhile, even after you are finished toking. If someone were to walk into the room, they would be able to smell the dank right away. In order to get optimal smell control, you can utilize a small fan with carbon filters stuck on the back of it (see list of items above). Personally, I like to exhale through a Smoke Buddy into the carbon filters on the back of a small fan. Doing so will cut down on 80% of the smell.
(optional) Ozium is your friend. It does not just cover up smells like air fresheners. It is literally an air sanitizer. If you spray it for less than 1 second in a room, the air will smell less very quickly. I like to keep a can with me in case someone knocks on the door, or I need to cover up quickly.
(optional) Although your main goal is to hide your toking during the sesh, it’s always important for your stash to remain hidden away from prying eyes. Handy things called diversion safes exist and I really suggest you utilize them.

As a final word of advice, if you're in a spot where being caught smoking inside could lead to serious consequences you might just want to go for a walk. 


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