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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Guide on how to make Cannaoil

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Recently, I had to go somewhere for a long period of time where I knew I couldn’t sneak away for a smoke easily. In a feat of pure procrastination, the night before I prepared a single dose of cannaoil.

I used 0.5 grams worth of herb into the grinder, and then into a plastic bag. I slowly added coconut oil until the ganja was oversaturated in it. I closed up the  bag and left it sitting overnight, allowing the oil to absorb most of the cannabinoids.

In the morning, to ensure total absorption of THC, I tossed the oil into the oven in a non-stick muffin pan. Cannabis vaporizes at 350 degrees, so I turned the oven to 320 and left the oil mixture in there for about 20 minutes. I find 320 to be a perfect heat to activate the THCA.

After over-baking,I used a small bottle to hold the mixture, mixed it with soda, and I was good to go. The high was very strong(for the small dose) and more body focused(compared to the sativa-dominant high from smoking).

It was a successful single dose edible experience. Way better than firecrackers.

Overall Rating:
Taste 3/10 ( Mixed with soda, I couldn't taste it which is a plus)
Ease to make: 7/10 (would have been easier but it takes 2 days)
Effect: 8/10 (gave me a solid body high for over 4 hours.)

Source: Weedporndaily

My overall rating: 7/10
This is a very easy way of making some edibles. Try making a small dose for yourself first and try it out, i'm sure you'll enjoy it! 


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