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Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Life of A Purple Diesel Plant

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The Purple Diesel clone was planted on May 7th.

June 18th - Aww, the baby is now a teenager, oh how they grow up so quick.

July 18th - She's growing up to be quite the beauty, looks like she will yeild a ton!

August 3rd - the Purple Diesel seems to love the California sun!

August 26th

Sept 7th - Starting to flower huge buds!

Sept 7th - Close-up of one of the buds.

Sept 19th - Purple Trichomes starting to form.

Sept 19th - Purple Diesel starting to look beautiful

Sept 22nd - Looking at the Trichomes, it looks like the plant is about a week away.

Sept 30th - The tops are taken, and the plant is coming down!

Sept 30th - Hanging to dry now.

Sept 30th - The buds now have a pretty pinkish color.

After hanging, the weed is placed in drying nets.

Some beautiful looking Purple Diesel nugs.

The pink turned to purple after drying.

Such a huge yield from one plant, and this is about 1/6th of it.

Finally everything is placed in gallon jars for curing. Now it's time to enjoy some delicious Purple Diesel!


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