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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Super easy firecracker edible guide.

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All you need for Firecrackers is, your Herb of choice, Nutella or any thick spread like Peanut Butter, Tinfoil and Graham crackers.

Spread the Nutella on 4 pieces of Graham crackers, and place a healthy dose of herb on two of the pieces. I chose to use about 1 gram for each Firecracker.

Healthy dose of Nutella and some Dank.

Slap the other two together and we have a herb sandwich

Tightly wrap each one in tinfoil

Preheat the oven to 275 Degrees, Ive tried different temperatures in the past, 320 is the highest you should go because any higher it will start to vaporise the weed. I've found 275 to be the perfect heat for these type of Firecrackers.

Now put those babies in the oven, the top rack should be perfect as you don't want to dry out the nutella and crackers or it becomes very dry. Set a timer for 30 Minutes. Any time between 28-32 Minutes is perfect. If you cook at a higher temp than 275 degrees I would suggest 28 Minutes.

Now you have 30 minutes to kill, go give your pet some playtime! But whatever you do, do not forget you have the Firecrackers in the oven!

After taking it out of the oven let cool for about 5-10 minutes and enjoy!

Now that you're all done, head over to r/trees to kill some time till they kick in. Usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Enjoy guys!

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