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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Splif Stik by Red-Eye Metalware

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Red-Eye Metalware is a UK based brand making tons of different smoking related products. The Splif Stik is something that is a little bit different from what I would normally use, but am I glad I chose to try it. If you're a joint smoker then this is a must have product for you.

What's so great about the Splif Stik you ask? Well for one, it's good for your health. The Splif Stik uses a maze filtration system that works by directing the smoke around a 250mm 'maze' path. While the smoke travels through the maze, it collects tar and also cools the smoke giving you cleaner draws. I found while using the Splif Stik my throat felt great after finishing smoking, which is usually not the case.

Using the Splif Stik was surprisingly easy. It was easy to load with my terrible rolled joints, which I was to lazy to include a filter with. My first hit from the Splif Stik was like hitting a vaporizer for the first time, it felt like I wasn't even inhaling anything. After a few tokes I got the hang of it, it smoked clean and smooth. The joint burned great with no running problems. I pretty much smoked my joint till the bitter end, and it was superb. A very under rated thing about this Splif Stik was that it kept my hands from smelling and left me fresh as can be!

The Splif Stik is 105mm long comes in 13 different colours including chrome and stainless steel. If you're looking to impress your friends with something they've never seen before, then try a Chrome Splif Stik. Also in the box is two Splif Stik Roaches, which is perfect for keeping your fingers in tact and free from burning. You can even use the Splif Stik as a single hitter when you load it from the top.

The price of the Splif Stik is around a reasonable 25$ It's a great price for the re usability factor. This is something that will last you ages. The top screws off to allow for easy cleaning, and will keep your Splif Stik feeling brand new. For the price and the amount of times that you will probably use this product, it's worth every penny.

What I loved about the spliff stick is the attractive design and the smoothness of the smoke thanks to an excellent filtration system. So if you're a joint smoker this is a must have for you! trust me, your lungs will be happy you did. It's a healthier, cleaner, smoother way to smoke, and I loved it.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10


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