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Sunday, 11 October 2015

OG Kush Strain Review

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OG Kush is a Cannabis Sativa hybrid, coming out of California in the early 1990's. No, it's not original gangster, or organic kush, the OG stands for 'Ocean Grown'. If you are one of the lucky ones that actually gets your hands on some real OG Kush, you know exactly what all the hype is about.

 The buds come in a variety of sizes but are usually popcorn shaped chubby nuggets, with little stem and bright green leaves. The leaves will be entrenched with glowing orange stigmas which will cover almost every inch of the bud. Last but not least, the beautiful glistening trichomes that makes the bud look like you just rolled it in a bowl of sugar. It really is a thing of beauty. trichomes on top of trichomes on top of TRICHOMES!

The great thing about this mainly dominant Sativa hybrid is the phenotype and psychoactive-effects when smoked. The effects of OG Kush were great, buzz kept increasing until it peaked and I was gone. This is a great strain to treat anxiety, stress, chronic pain and inflammation.  
The flowering stage for a clone of OG Kush is 7-9 weeks, and has a great potential yield of 350-440 Grams per square meter. Getting a true OG Kush clone is still a hard thing to do with so many knock offs and strains that just take the OG Kush name and try to make an extra buck. Usually it does cost a bit more for the product but it's worth every penny.

The taste is what I fell in love with the most. The sour lemony flavor when you spark a bowl, some say it smells like lemon pine-sol. It's sweet, has a very overwhelming odour that will fill your home when you open up a bag. It's dank and smelly, but has a sweetness to it that makes you not want to stop hitting it. It's like candy for your taste buds. OG Kush is some of the best tasting weed I've ever had.

Overall Grade: A+
If you get your hands on some real OG Kush, you'll know it's worth the grade.


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