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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Juicy Jay's Banana Flavored rolling papers review

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If you have ever rolled a joint, you've probably rolled with Juicy Jays. Formed in the late 1980's, Juicy Jay's have been a go-to for flavored rolling papers. Juicy Jay's come in over 40 flavors now, and today I'll be trying the Juicy Jay's Banana Flavored rolling papers.

As soon as you open the pack you are greeted by the sweet, aromatic smell of Bananas all over the place. Juicy Jay's are made with the triple dip system, which makes the papers so flavorsome. The painstakingly slow process that not only flavours but sweetens the papers is what makes Juicy Jays so special. While burning, the papers burned perfectly with the herb, and tasted delicious all the way.

Made in Spain, Juicy Jay's use hemp paper as the base, and soy based inks for the printing. The combination of the hemp paper and soy burns quite well. I didn't have any running problems on the joint where the paper burned faster than the herb. Instead of glue like most papers, Juicy Jay's use a natural sugar gum as the glue, one lick and you'll know you got the sweet stuff.

Another great thing was the price, for less than 2$ a pack, you get over 15ft of quality rolling papers. Perfect for any joint smoker. The best is when you have friends over and pull out a few different flavors and watch them all drool over which one gets picked. The Banana flavor was just the right touch, sweet but not too sweet as to ruin the herb. Overall a great flavor from Juicy Jays!

Juicy Jay's Banana Flavoured rolling papers
Overall Rating: 8/10


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