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Sunday, 11 October 2015

How much weed does Wiz Khalifa smoke?

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So, as some of you may know, the popular rap artist Wiz Khalifa smokes A LOT of weed. He's never really released a "weight" number, but I feel like with a few easy calculations, I can make a general estimate upon how much weed he smokes. First of all, I know not everyone who smokes the herb enjoys rap music, but I think we can all be interested in other people's smoking numbers.

In an interview, Wiz Khalifa mentioned that he spends about $10,000 a month on Mary Jane (sauce). To the (large) majority of us, that's an incredible amount of money to be spending on something we recognize as "recreational". But, he has the money for it so more power to him.

According to the average price of weed, an ounce of high quality weed in California (where Wiz spends most of his time) is $255.43. So we'll divide Wiz's estimated $10,000 with $255.43, and we end up with 39.14 ounces (we'll round to just 39 ounces to make up for weight discrepancies, lost weed, etc.). 39 ounces divided by an average of 30 days equals 1.3 ounces A DAY. Split that 1.3 ounces into grams (28 grams on average in an ounce) and we get 36.4 grams (again, we'll get rid of the fraction, .4 grams, just to even things up a bit).
If any of you have seen Wiz's videos, you know he smokes pretty fat joints. I estimate 1 gram each or more, he has his own rolling papers which are "king size", but he's also a fan of Zig-Zag 11/4 papers. So, according to his dollar amount estimate, and my rough calculations, Wiz Khalifa smokes an average of 36 BIG joints A DAY. 
If he were a cigarette smoker, he'd be going through almost 2 packs a day, and probably have some hefty health complications (he's been smoking weed for 11 years); however, he's said that he hates the taste and feel of tobacco, and much prefers freshly ground herb. BUT WAIT! These are EXTREMELY conservative numbers; he undoubtedly gets his weed at a discounted price (not that he needs to), and absolutely shares a lot of his weed with the people around him wherever he goes. Based on this, I think we all can agree that he is one massive ganja ENThusiast.

TL;DR: According to these calculations, Wiz Khalifa smokes an average of 36 fat joints a day.


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