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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hempz Lips Review

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Hempz Lips Pure Herbal Extracts is up in my top 3 lip balms. Usually I am not a fan of the tube, squeeze, style lip chap but in Hempz case I will make an exception. Not only is it soft to apply but it spreads on so easy that you don’t have to glob on a ton. I hate when I have to do five layers of lip chap to get the moisture that I want. With Hempz lips a little goes a long way, which also helps with it lasting longer! Double Bonus! It’s not sticky after you apply it too where you feel like you have to keep rubbing your lips together. It spreads on and stays nice.

Many lip products are good when you first put them on but within 10 minutes you find yourself applying on more. While using Hempz Lips I actually find myself digging through my purse less looking for my lip products. Yeah it costs more but isn’t it worth it to not have nasty cracked lips that no one will want to kiss? Many people just hit up the dollar store and stalk up on a bunch of lip products for only a buck. But think about what you are actually buying! How long have these items been sitting at the dollar store for? If you can find something at the dollar store they are there for a reason! I once found out that this candy I would always go get from the dollar store had actually been discontinued for over 3 years. So what do you think you are putting on your lips, that some gets digested into your system?

 Not only does Hempz Lips work really well, it also smells good and doesn’t taste that bad if you happen to lick your lips. The one that I use has a tint of grapefruit smell that is very fresh. It’s not like that weird minty medical smell that you find in many of the ‘good’ lip products.

Many people don’t really care about the ingredients in a lip balm but you should! Hempz Lips is made with 100% pure organic hemp seed oil. Anything made with organic hemp is a double plus and super good for your skin. With seed oil and natural extracts it helps to hydrate your skin, while improving its conditions. Hempz Lips also contains natural extracts such as green tea, pomegranate, sea kelp, papaya, and kiwi fruit. It has vitamins A, C and E to help against our polluted environment and any polluted lips you kiss. Not only are the ingredients amazing but it also helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles making your lips look younger! Who wants nasty old person lips? While you are young take care of your skin with good products!

Overall, I love Hempz Lips and would recommend anyone to buy and use it as their main lip product. Don’t live with cracked, dry lips that no one wants to kiss! It is up on my top recommendations of hemp based products!

Overall rating: 8/10 -

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