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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Guide on purchasing glass without being ripped off.

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I come to you today because of the recent surge in posts on certain boards relating to functional glass for consumption of cannabis and/or cannabis concentrates.

What I want to let you guys know is that most, if not all, of the pieces that I am seeing are "production line glass". This means that the pieces have very low quality control when they are created, and are often times sold from the back of large distribution vans to whatever head shops will take them. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you are looking for a lower end piece of glass, but if you are going out to a head shop with money to spend, there are pieces of glass for which you should keep an eye out.
You may know these bongs as "acrylics" or "bongs with a rubber grommet"; and they are entirely a scam if you are looking into high end glass.
Any piece of high end functional glass should be measured by the artist behind the work; if your head shop does not know/will not tell you the artist behind your piece of glass then the onus falls on you to get the hell out of that store.
The basics;
This is a slide. The slide holds your bud and is often refereed to as the "bowl piece". It comes in standard measurements of 14mm or 19mm for the "joint" wherein it will connect to your downstem/ashcatcher.
This is a downstem. The downstem also measures either 14mm or 19mm, but length also becomes an issue depending on your style of tube.
Here is a tube. This is a straight tube set-up with a downstem and a slide, to show you what the full set up would look like.
Here is another straight tube, but this time the slide is placed in an ash catcher, which rests in the downstem. The ash catcher will have a glass on glass joint which is also measured either 14mm or 19mm, you will need to make sure that the ash catcher fits into the downstem AND that the slide you have will fit into the top of the ash catcher.

Now that you have come to understand the basics of what functional glass should be, let us go ahead and take a look at what has so many people interested in the art form of glass blowing contemporaneously; PERCOLATION!
What makes a glassblower unique in the contemporary day and age is the aspect of their glass blowing wherein smoke is passed through tiny "diffuser holes" so as to cool down and smooth out the hit.
There are many examples of percolation styles out there,
In terms of consuming flowers, you have the Stereo Matrix by Mobius Glassworks in California.
Then you have Sovereignty; who puts out everything from the $1,200 Peyote Pillar to the really nice gridded upstem with a natural splash guard. These guys are top of the class when it comes to functional glass. No production line, no apprentices. Just hard work and a great blower who has a passion for his craft.
Or you could look into Toro Glassworks (Upstate NY), which debuted the circulator style a few years ago, and whose quality control is bar none; however most of their contemporary stuff is coming off a production line, not made by JP himself.
Itza is another company which makes solid glass. It was started when a glassblower splintered away from JP at Toro and started up his own firm.
David Goldstein's Fritted Dsic is all the rage at the moment, and offers diffusion which is top of its class.
Luke Wilson makes some nice 15 arm Tree percs
Nate Dizzle makes a very serious style of percolation called the Swiss Perc, his designs are immaculate.
Zob has some very nice styles of bubblers, here is an example of their wubbler with a circ perc, but they also feature a zobello perc in their bubblers, which is very nice.
When a Toro tube is shrunken down for use as a bubbler it is called a "micro" or a "macro".
Hitman Glass makes a bubbler called a side car for use with oils, it is very well made and comes from a great blower.
What is this oil thing I keep hearing about?
Oil is cannabis concentrate which is extracted using Butane and has a consistency much like that of honey or molasses, hence the name Butane Honey Oil or BHO for short. To utilize BHO you need a special set up, consisting of a nail, a dome, and a special type of slide.
Take this example of a Hitman SideCar and you can see how the nail is placed into a special joint in the glass, that nail is then heated to roughly 800 degrees Celsius, before you place the dome over the nail and sublimate concentrates using the heat from the nail. This process is called "dabbing". Nails can be made out of either quartz or titanium, the V3 from Highly Educated is considered top class for Ti nails.
Here is an example of dabbing through a Mobius Stereo Matrix.
Are the only artists around the ones listed here?
Hell no! There are local artists in every city and every state around the country. Some are better than others. Some do work on commission, some operate as a production line, and some make awesome glass simply because of how much they love the art form.
Why do you like glass so much?
Glass is my hobby. Much like some prefer cognac, or cars, or women.


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