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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Guide on how to turn an apple into a pipe

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What do you do when you have nothing to smoke out of? Check your nearest fruit bowl of course. There are tons of different fruit you could use to make a pipe, but apples work the best. All you need is a pen or something similar that will be able to puncture the apple, and some screens and herb, that's it! Don't forget after you're done smoking to enjoy your tasty snack.

1 Apple
1 Pen
1 Screen (optional)

1: Remove ink cartridge from the pen so it's a hollow tube. I find bic pens work the best.
2: Shove the pen in through the core of the apple, right down into the middle

3: remove the pen. This is the reason I use pens, the core being hollow allows the apple to get stuck inside the pen when you pull it out to create an apple free airway

4: stick the pen through the side of the apple until it hits the hollowed out core you just made

You can just look down the middle of the apple to see where the pen is at.

5: This step is optional, but personally I like to use a screen, it saves a ton of bud from being wasted being sucked down into the depths of the apple core.

6:  The final step, fill it with your herb of choice, you should know what choice that is.

Now enjoy your super easy apple pipe!

Dont forget to eat it after. You can thank mother nature for providing you with the pipe and the herb!
Apple pipes are perfect for blazing with a few friends during the summer.


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