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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Guide on how to roll a Rocket Joint

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This album shows the process of rolling a 'Rocket' joint. Rocket joints are packed very very tightly, and have a hollow core. The hole acts as a carb, while allowing oxygen to the tightly packed herb at the same time.

Materials: Roller, papers, tip, grinder, herb, AND
A form for the core. I used some brass rod from a hobby shop, but any 1-1.5mm diameter wire/rod/stick should work fine.

Grind your herb very finely. The stickier the better!

Fill the trench loosely with herb, then place the form down the center. Press the form into the trench, and pack the whole trench down with your finger. The form should still be on-top of the herb.

Fill the rest of the space in the roller with herb. Pack it all down tightly with your finger. The tighter the better!

Close the roller and roll it. You should *just barely* be able to move the rollers - you really do want it that tight! If it is too loose, add a little herb into the crack between the rollers, and roll them slowly  - the new herb should be sucked in.

Tighter really is better for these!

Add your paper. I swear I don't work for Raw - I have to mail order things a lot and it was just easier to get it all from one place! Insert paper, roll rollers, lick on the way in.

Remove the rocket! Marvel at your masterpiece! The form should be from center to center down the middle of the joint.

Add the tip, remove the form. Before removing the form, dig some herb out from the paper - enough to add the tip. Pull the form out just far enough to add the tip. Insert the tip, and then gently twist and pull the form out. If you have trouble getting a hold of the form, push it from one side with a paperclip.

Check the carb hole. Using a light, check the core of the joint and make sure it is a nice smooth hole. If it was packed tight enough, the hole should not be blocked at all, and should have smooth, straight sides.

It's alive! Mine might look small, but it really is just the size of my hands. It actually is a rather stout king size smoke.

To light, puff like a cigar until there is a cherry, then smoke like a regular joint. Because of the hole down the middle, its easy to suck in more butane than you might want too. Puff a few times, then draw. One its light, it should burn very nicely.

Rockets may take forever to make, but they are a unique smoke. The hole mixes in more air, and allows tighter packing of the herb. I personally love them - maybe you will too!


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