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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Guide for an incognito mountain dew bong called a bottle rocket

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You'll need: a cylandrical fuze or nestea bottle, a mountain dew or pepsi bottle (or similar bottles), a small socket, a screen, a scissors and a knife. Yep, it's that easy

 Step 1:
Cut the bottom of the Fuze bottle. It's best to keep the label on for this part because it works best if you just cut it right on the bottom of the label and gives you a nice straight edge to make a perfect cut. Drill a hole in the fuze cap so that the socket fits right in. I usually just use the knife to poke the cap and then keep twisting till i have a perfectly sized, air tight fit 

Step 2:
Cut the top off of the Mountain Dew bottle. To get a perfect fit I usually put the cut top of the Fuze bottle over the top of the Mountain Dew bottle and trace a faint line, then you can easily make a perfectly circle cut. Take the label off of the Fuze bottle but leave the label on the Mountain Dew if you want it to be very incognito. (Nestea bottles actually work better for this because they don't leave the white adhesive line that's a bitch to get off of the Fuze bottles). Put a screen in the bottom of the socket and put it right in that hole you cut in the cap

Step 3:
Put some water in the Mountain Dew bottle and slide the Fuze bottle right into the top of that Dew bottle. Mate those two to make your sexy bottle baby

Step 4:
Fill that baby with your best ganja, light it and just pull that sucker up. Look at that milky goodness! If it's a tight fit the two handed technique can be a bit hard to master, but it's doable with practice my frients. Otherwise you can hold the bottle between your feet or thighs, light with one hand and pull up with the other. Then just unscrew the top and hit that bad boy. It's small but it rips, believe me

Keep a spare cap to put on while not in use to make it extra incognito. You can see it if you look closely, but usually when I take it to a frient's house they just wonder why I have an empty bottle with me (a dirty empty bottle after a lot of use so you'll have to replace the Fuze bottle to remain incognito). This thing is small, but be warned, it fucking rips! I've honestly had three friends puke after taking a hit of this because it hits hard if you milk that baby, so toke with caution, but enjoy! I call them Bottle Rockets.


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